..Une partie du Monde a travers mes yeux..



Upcoming Outreach #1! – Oro Bay

Little Update ! So today is approximately a Month that we've been leaving on the ship YWAM MSA! And let me tell you that except throwing up on the first sailing night, the ship life is pretty amazing. I even made... Continue Reading →


Lecture phase – Week 3&4 ( English version)

  Week 3/4 : Clear Conscience /Honoring relationships What's Having a Clear Conscience? Having a Clear conscience is feeling free from any guilt about someone or something. Easier said than done.... I know. But still possible ! So don't loose... Continue Reading →

Un pti mot de L’Australie

  Tout d'abord je vous présente mes plus plates excuses pour ne pas avoir donné de nouvelles plus tôt - Nous sommes très bien arrivés à Townsville (Dans l'état du Queensland en Australie) le 22 ou 23 Octobre dépendant des... Continue Reading →

Because that’s what we do

CARE about and for people - Prendre soin de l'autre CONNECT with people - Communiquer avec l'autre SERVE people - Servir l'autre BUILD with people - Construire avec l'autre PS: Shot taken from one entrance of YWAM Townsville base -... Continue Reading →

Lecture time (English version) – week 1&2

Being part of a DTS (Discipleship Training School) includes some lectures throughout the mission. Here´s an aspect of it until now: Week 1: Orientation week Introducing ourselves many, many, many times was part of the process (and not only the... Continue Reading →

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