The challenge of the Why?…

Many ask me or have asked me why do I do what I do. Why am I spending so much money to do what I do? Why do we call that “volunteering” if in addition to the fact that I’m not getting paid for what I do, I need to provide the entire financial support? Why do you invest and sacrifice so much when you could just enjoy your time and do some “woofing” via a working-holiday visa? Clearly what many ask me but don’t say is Why do you accept to help people for free?…….This question got me thinking and yet made me come up with another one: ……And Why not?

I stopped for a second and realized that nowadays, lending a compassionate hand is no longer a trend or even normal. Notice the causal connection between those words. What is normal becomes a trend and a trend is nothing more than a range of things that we define as normal. To get more understanding on the initial question, I flipped a couple of pages in the dictionary where I found “charitable” is of a charity, kind, of “the love of God and to one another, one of the christian virtues”. But also act of generosity and goodness to one another. Syn: Selfless. Okay , so far we’re good. And then I asked myself,  but Why reaching out of compassion is not normal nowadays? And then BOOM! That hit me. But first, let me slide back to Cambridge and ask him about generosity. He defines it as the character of someone who is willing to give money, help, kindness etc especially more than usual or expected.

This world wants to make us believe that we need to fight to gain values. “I think therefore I am” so if I don’t think, I’m not, what? Human, a thinker? – Thank God we can all think down here. Those values help us create our personality and character. We live our lives according to them. We fight to protect or advocate our values, we don’t fight to gain them (or at least we shouldn’t).

When we were young, parents and teachers used to tell us that it is good to share, say sorry, please, thank you, not to lie etc. Once grown up we hear crazy things like “Some truths are best left unspoken” or ” You have to give to receive” and so on. Values taught at a young age are being twisted, destroyed and lost once older, hurt and shaken by our ups and downs. An excuse? YES. A reality? Unfortunately YES. A reason? NO.

Here’s a famous illustration. Imagine a bill a $500 and all the things you can afford with it. A weekend by the sea, a new phone, a new wardrobe. Now, take that same bill, crumple it and soak it in a mud bucket. What do you have? A muddy and crumpled bill but still worth $500. Crumpled, folded, wet or even ripped this bill keeps its worth. Hands up those of you who already taped a bill, accidentally ripped out of the wallet, to preserve its value. Why don’t we more often treat people the way we would’ve with this $500 bill?

We get all caught up, hurt, mistreated by life at some point. A death, a breakup, a jobless situation, a depression, a financial crisis etc. Good news is we’re still human, we still have values.

Our values are defined by the ones that God gave us. They’re here, they’ve always been here. No need to deserve or reach for them. I believe they came to life with us (and even before). They’re just waiting on us to know to make them shine bright. “Because you are precious in my eyes, and honored, and I love you…”- Isaiah 43:4

(I’m a missionary serving with Youth With A Mission (we call it YWAM) the very dear population of Papua New Guinea by providing primary healthcare while sharing the gospel-for those of you who knows & those of you who don’t yet 😉

To the question why do I do what I do? I would first answer that, here or on the other side of the world, I sincerely enjoy giving of my time and my being to those who needs this little smile or this helping hand to remind them that they’re loved and that they have values- and then I’d probably answer that there’s no better cure to prejudices than seeing for yourself ;-). Plus, I love experiencing that peace when you know you’re exactly where you’re meant to be. 

– ” Always give without remembering and always receive without forgetting” -Brian Tracy

For more information on what we do:

Bonus: Who am I? – Nice article found on the internet




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