Lecture phase – Week 3&4 ( English version)



Week 3/4 : Clear Conscience /Honoring relationships

What’s Having a Clear Conscience? Having a Clear conscience is feeling free from any guilt about someone or something. Easier said than done…. I know. But still possible ! So don’t loose hope in that.
What I learned from it? That we get Clear-Conscience by stop blaming others or situations and taking responsibilities. We’re not all responsible FOR every person that we interact/ have a relationship with (friendship or any type of relationship), but we all have a responsibility TOWARDS those people. Meaning that we don’t always have to feel guilty about something OR feeling responsible for someone to act…We can simply do it out of LOVE.

Speaker : Jared & Rebecca

Challenging part of the week : Humm… Probably coming to the realization that I wasn’t honoring my parents the way I should’ve! We tend to think that honoring something or someone is all about giving worth or values by respecting or loving someone or something AND you’re Right! Think of our relationships (Any but especially the one we share with our parents and Loved ones) as a CAKE. Yummy yummy! We all lick our lips at the view of that delicious, soft, shinny, good looking chocolate or so Cake, right?! Well, that cake didn’t get tasty, soft and good-looking on its own. My point is that Honoring is like bringing ingredients into a cake. Spending time with your parents, calling them, offer flowers to your mum or anything that you know will bring a smile to her face (Birthdays don’t count!) , watch that thriller movie with your Dad (even though you hate it), saying more often “I love you” (even though you know that they know, seriously who doesn’t like to hear it! ❤ )  you get the idea. We all want good cakes, right?! So let’s bring better stuff to our relationships!


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