Lecture time (English version) – week 1&2

Being part of a DTS (Discipleship Training School) includes some lectures throughout the mission. Here´s an aspect of it until now:

Week 1: Orientation week

Introducing ourselves many, many, many times was part of the process (and not only the first week! haha). The week schedule has been presented with its particularities according to the elective we´re part of (Reef to Outback (RTO), Trekking or Medical Ship, mine). We´ve also been assigned our ministry placement, which consist of being involved in the community life on the base in different fields needed: Ships office, Venue, kitchen help, mum´s helper, outreach preparation, communication, radio and so on. We also could enjoy  and take part in two worship times during the week: One on Mondays morning with Students and Staff leader and the other one on Fridays morning with all workers on the base. We have the blessing on YWAM Townsville base to welcome the Island Breeze elective , which can bring a tropical touch to the worship or just to the life on the base, which is just amazing. We also learned a bit more about YWAM and YWAM Townsville histories before getting introduced to Hearing God´s voice chapter.

Speaker: Ken Mulligan – Managing director of YWAM Townsville

Challenging part of the week : Trying to understand everyone! haha. No joke , we´re around 20 different nations on this base! Meaning not only many different languages but also a heap of different but cute accents :-). More seriously, can we get some thinking here?!  This week Ken challenged us mainly to share about us (never easy) and to talk about our own motivations on engaging in this mission.

Week 2 : “Identity”  week

Who am I? Who do I think I am? Who do I believe I am? Who God says I am? Who do other people think I am ? Who do I listen to when it comes to know who I am? All those questions were part of the lecture phases this week. Serious teachings are on. No need to tell you that all brains were overthinking-ly burning after that haha!

Speaker: Joanne – Staff member highly recommended on speaking about Identity in Christ

Challenging part of the week: The basics of Community life! After a week living in community we´re starting to get everyone´s habits- living in dorms requires some rules (switching off light time, cleaning schedule etc.)-just knowing and respecting the fact that somebody else is around gets you more into selflessness, which can be difficult but nice after all- This week Joanne challenged us on taking acknowledgement of the truths that God says about us , about who he says we are/wants us to be-and then believing them.. Turns out that Breakthtough is an unavoidable stage when you realise that your deepest thoughts/beliefs on your identity never really matched God’s ones about you.


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