5 random facts about Abu Dhabi Airport

Once my plane ticket booked for The Aussie land I started to think why did I take the one with a stop in Abu Dhabi?! – I’ve heard so many things on the Emirates region such as women tourists have to be veiled or can’t get out of the airport safe without a man accompanying her and so on. Crazy? Yeah I know.  Well, this is nothing too fancy but here’s a sneak peek of some facts that kept my attention :

1- Unlike expected, none of the women (out of origin) were veiled once out of the plane

2- Searching cabins for women are actually a thing in Abu Dhabi airport. Searchings are operated by veiled and gloved women.

3- Hygiene operatives (yup that’s right we no longer say maid) nearly clean after every single one person! Do you know how many people transit through an airport every hour?! – yeah

4- “Wow, we certainly not in Paris!” Said one of the passengers, and let me tell you that he was more than right! People are such slow poke Oh My Gosh! JK I might be slightly exaggerating but still 😅

5- Abu Dhabi airport can be improved by being more welcoming although they do have notions in comfort. Recliners are at your disposal at the gate.



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